Infrared Heating

Infrared or Radiant Heating is actually an electromagnetic radiation that produce wavelengths longer than visible light, but shorter than the microwaves. Unlike conventional heating, infrared heating does not warm up the air. Instead, it works directly by warming solid objects – walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, humans, only when these objects come in contact with the waves. In a room or space that is heated by infrared, people can absorb the heat along with the building fabrics and other objects of the room, so that the room itself becomes warmer with time, just like what happens in passive solar heating where the building fabric absorbs the heat that generates from the sun, only to re-radiate it back.

The silent technology and science that REDPUR Infrared Heaters are based on is absolutely Eco-friendly, efficient, healthy as well as cost effective. These heaters transfer the heat through the process of direct infrared radiation to warm up only various objects and the occupants in a room. Thus, the products help you to save money and energy by not heating up the entire room unnecessarily. Conventional heating mechanisms would use air as the heating medium for transfer of heat.

Warm yourself up with REDPUR Infrared Heaters

REDPUR Heating Panels generate infrared Heat that penetrates your skin and keeps you warm from beneath your skin after which, it radiates out. The most amazing part of the technology is that it will not only warm you but anyone at your proximity as the heat will radiate out off you!

It not only comforts you but can alleviate pain especially in your joints and back. As the infrared heat passes through your skin and gets to you muscles, it helps them to relax and relieve the tension. Especially with REDPUR BIO-Infrared heating panels which use an old principle of light photon accumulation with negative ions just as the sun has been doing for thousands of years. These negative ions are considered good for the health of humans and the natural atmosphere. For example, in mountain or sea air there areupto 8000 negavitve ions found per cm3 where as around the home there are often less than 20 per cm3

REDPUR has adapted the “In-Photonic” process in its BIO-Infrared heaters. The silicium in the REDPUR heating system stores as much photon energy as approximately two tons of mountain crystal with light photons and then are continuously emitted into the environment. This leads to a healthy, energetic and positive feel good climate. The physiological effect of the negative ions is equivalent to clean mountain air.

Simple installation and maintenance free

Tension free 2-point support with safety automatic system:

For all our elements we provide a stable, easy to assemble safety support. The assembly can be carried out by one person and mounts very easily with the genial support, which happens with only two fixing points.

Ceiling and wall assembly is possible in all heaters:

Thanks to thier 2-point support all REDPUR-infrared heaters can be fixed on to any difficult wall or ceiling conditions simply, safely and without play. No annual service required, the panels can potentially last for up to 30 years maintenance free due to their high build quality.

Instant, Silent, Comfortable and Gentle Heating

REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels can generate optimal temperature within 15 minutes of being switched on. The heating system is fully customizable that makes the users feel maximum comfort irrespective of the climatic condition prevailing outdoor. REDPUR Heating Panels make no noise while operating, thus making them perfect to be used in studies and bedrooms, offices, churches and libraries and other places where silence is needed