Innovative products produced environment tolerant and economically with the minimum use of energy
No use of toxic material all parts of the REDPUR Classic-BIO heaters are biologically degradable and recyclable.
REDPUR has adapted the “In-Photonic” process in its BIO-Infrared heaters. The silicium in the REDPUR heating system stores as much photon energy as approximately two tons of mountain crystal with light photons and then are continuously emitted into the environment. This leads to a healthy, energetic and positive feel good climate.
The physiological effect of the negative ions is equivalent to clean mountain air.


Unique Convex Design

REDPUR Classic-Bio heaters are the only infrared heaters to convex vertically and horizontally during the heating phase. This produces a slightly curved heating surface which contributes to better wave alignment and optimised heat emission.

Eco-friendly and energy efficient

REDPUR BIO-Infrared Heating Panels do not result in any carbon combustion, and hence do not generate any toxic by-products. The REDPUR Infrared heating system can save up to 70% energy, resulting in 70% less CO2 output, while the panel sizes available are from 170 Watt to 1500 Watt output. There are no open flames, no question of any fuel leaks. They do not pollute the air and are absolutely Eco-friendly. They can be operated by 220 volt/50 Herz -13 amp electricity, which is substantially low and this makes them extremely energy efficient, and Eco-friendly to have a control over your energy bills.

REDPUR manufactures have revolutionized the concept of infrared heating. There are a wide variety of products that will suffice the need and choice of customers and this is why the REDPUR brand is so much appreciated today.
While one reason behind the popularity is the cost effectiveness and the cutting edge technology of these products with the other reason is the range of variety available. These products are equipped to meet the requirements and needs of the customers irrespective of the type of room or apartment they are installed.
The REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels can be installed on the wall as well as the ceiling, due to the automatic mounting option the products come with.

Heating conductors with 400 stainless steel fibres

With 400 individual fibres, from which only our heating conductor is present a distinctly larger radiating-surface is produced, than for e.g. with a single thick copper wire. With this special observation the REDPUR-heater can heat up a lot faster than other designs (document: Study Uni Karlsruhe). Simultaneously this can take a lot of stress and be maintained only with heating conductors used by us. Making them maintenance free for up to 30 years

The REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels are available in white powder coated steel surface, though other toughened glass panels are also available. The 20 mm panels are prudently installed on the wall or ceiling with a click system. The REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels can easily be removed at the time of home renovation and can be reinstalled without any trouble whatsoever, making them extremely versatile

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REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels have a 72 month product warranty!!